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Barn Portraits, Davis, CA Photographer

When I learned last week that my friend Joerg Lehmann was going to be in town from Australia for a few days, I felt inspired to put together a last minute shoot while he was here.  Joerg was a big part of some of my very favorite photographs, and every time we work together I both 1) learn something, and 2) get some great images.  The result of the fast-paced plans turned out beautifully, and we had a wonderful night and a wonderful shoot.  I must thank the tremendous team who worked on this, all of whom added something to really make this a great night:  Liz Sheesley for makeup, Kiefer Hackney for general assistance, Michelle and Brianna for modeling, Snookie Schuhwerk for providing the fabulous Stella & dot jewelry, my Nana for letting us use her house to get ready, Jaylene for granting us access to the barn, and of course to Joerg, for taking the time out of his brief visit to be a part of this shoot.

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