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Before and After: Makeover Photo Shoot

Makeover Day!  This idea started as an idea to do something nice for my mom (pictured above) and ended up being a full day of studio fun!  Working with the fabulous hair and makeup artists Veronica Marshall and Colette DelGracia Ryder-Cobb of Dolce Vita Beauty, each model spent time getting pampered and made up for their own portrait sessions.  Next it was into the studio with me for posting and smiling and not smiling, and posing, and sitting and standing and leaning and… you get the idea.  I had been looking for a gift idea for my mom, and was going to book a portrait session for her with a photographer when I remembered… Hey!  I am a photographer!  And now I can make her a photo gift for Christmas.

Here are a few samples of the before and after shots of some amazing and beautiful women!

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