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Best Friends Forever, Davis CA portrait photographer

My Nana and her best friend both turned 75 this past year, and that means they have now been friends for fifty years!  To celebrate their best friend-aversary, we decided to do a fun shoot in the studio.  Nana (whose name is Janet) and Soni have been through so much life together.  They each had 5 children and watched them grow up, get married and have their own children.  They have been there for each other for every major life event.  It seemed only fitting that this was the very first time either of them had professional photos taken (outside of at a wedding).  Veronica Marshall of Artistry Pro by Dolce Vita beauty came to do their makeup.  It was also the first time either of them had professional makeup done.

Janet and Soni have lovingly nicknamed each other “Lucy and Ethel.”  My aunts Diane and Carrie made them the sign in the first photo to match some of the “I love Lucy” memorabilia that Nana has in her home.   Part of the reason behind their nicknames is that it seemed like they were always getting into crazy situations and having hilarious adventures.  They are just as playful and full of life at 75, and we had a lot of fun improvising with props and costumes during the shoot.

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