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Digital Photography Class Woodland, CA

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!  I was very excited to get some cool new camera gear for Christmas which got me thinking… I wonder how many new D-SLR owners are out there trying to get their cameras out of “auto” mode, but feel stuck…

If you are anything like I was when I got my first “serious” camera, you have opened the box, and then stared at the back of it for a few minutes wondering what all the menu options really mean.  You know that you could sit down and read the manual, but wouldn’t it be more fun to try out your camera with a group of people in the same boat?  And best of all, get a chance to ask questions from a pro photographer who can share their experience?

I have designed this course just for you!  Its set up to go over the basic elements of exposure (shutter speed, ISO, and aperture) and also touch on some composition elements and techniques.  Its part lecture, but a lot of the time will be spent actually getting up and trying things out.  I think the best way to really learn is by doing, so this workshop will be interactive and hands-on (once we get past the technical talk… which I will try and keep short!).

Your camera cost hundreds of dollars… why not spend $30 more and gain some confidence about how to use it?

If you are interested, email me to register and secure your spot.  Space is limited.

A little about me:  I shoot with Nikon cameras, but have also worked with Canon.  I love, love, love teaching, and enjoy sharing what I have learned along the way.  I am approaching my second year as a photographer, and have spent the last year and half soaking up as much training as I could.  I would love to share some of that with you through this intro course.

This course is beginning level, and no previous experience is necessary.  Please be prepared to bring your camera along with you to class.

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