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Mother’s Day Contest Winner: Inspirational Woman, Ellen Covell!

When we decided to run a contest for Mother’s Day, I think I probably underestimated the number of entries that would come in, and how much reading them would touch our lives. I am so appreciative of all of those who sent in a “momination” this year, and wish we were able to highlight each story. Please know that each one we read was truly special.

After review and discussion, the panel agreed that this Mom deserved some recognition for being an inspirational woman. Though she has had battles with her health, you would never guess it, with the positive energy and contagious spirit she has. She makes helping others a priority in her life, and we were really moved be her community service and involvement.

This year’s winner is Ellen Covell!!!

Ellen’s daughter, Johanna Covell, sent in these words about her mother,

“My mom lights up a room, She’s fun to be around and She’s the first one on the dance floor (even with both hips replaced!). She’s my best friend.  She’s a survivor.” The afternoon of the photo shoot started off for Ellen with hair styling by Amanda Walker at Salon Jewel in Davis, CA. I remember Amanda texting me as Ellen left saying  “just WAIT till you meet her! She is incredible!” Our team was already benefiting from being around Ellen’s bright and passionate personality.

We asked Johanna why she thought her mom should win this contest.

“My mom is the life of every party but unfortunately my mom is just a little unlucky in

the health department. She’s been in and out of the hospital for multiple procedures

ever since I can remember … gallbladder removal, two total hip replacements, skin

cancer removal and, most recently, an abnormal vein that clotted in her brain and

caused a stroke. But every time she gets bad news from a doctor she just gets stronger

saying things like ‘it’s ok doc, I can handle a spinal tap; I’ve had worse!’” The last health scare included a weeklong hospital stay. “[It] made me realize how important my mom is to the whole community of Woodland,” said Johanna. “Hundreds of people offered prayers, sent flowers, visited and sent the sweetest Facebook messages.”

wanted to know more about Ellen’s involvement in Woodland (the town I grew up in as well).

“She was born and raised in Woodland, knows all of you and your pets names as a

client care specialist at Woodland Veterinary Hospital, sings in the Woodland Chamber

singers, and is an active member at the Woodland United Methodist Church. She

brightens people’s days by sprucing up their living or work space with her decorating

business Belle Covell Celebrations and clowning around town as ‘Bubbles’ the clown,

visiting convalescent homes and making people laugh.”

As Ellen and I were working on setting a date for the shoot over text messages, she sent me this photo. I told her she should wear it to the photo session… I think she would have, but I was only kidding.

After hair styling, Ellen met our makeup artist, Veronica Marshall of Dolce Vita Beauty. They were laughing and having a great time with my assistant, Kelli, and I showed up for the shoot. I was excited to bring her the gift basked she had one filled with prizes donated by local business:

Kitchen 428 in Woodland, CA

Artistry Pro consultant Veronica Marshall

It was a fabulous day and a privilege to photograph a woman who has given so much to those around her. Happy Mother’s Day to Ellen, and to all of the wonderful moms out there! You are appreciated and loved.

I think these words from Johanna sum up our blog post…

“She refuses to miss out on life and it’s inspiring to see firsthand. No matter what life throws my way, I am my mother’s daughter and I know I can push through.”

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