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Studio Headshots Taken Outdoors

What a strange time this is right now... After about a 2 month break from photography due to our local shelter-in-place orders, photographers are now able to resume portrait photography with some updated protocol:

-Stay 6 feet apart (no worries there with my telephoto lenses)

-limit the number of people who come to the shoot (again, easy)

-anyone not being photographed needs to wear a mask/face covering

-wash hands/sanitize surfaces/don't touch stuff

-only shoot outdoor locations

Many of my clients prefer outdoor photos anyway, but when you need studio to match the company's website, we had to bring the studio outside. The photos here were taken with my portable backdrop and wireless strobe. Looks just like we were inside, right?!

Here are the results - - - some stunning new headshots for Robyn!

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